A Trip to the North (1)

I have always wanted to go North but for this or other reason never had been able to set on the journey there. Two years ago I nearly made it but yet again, for some obscure reason my route was changed at the very last minute so that eventually I never got there.

Now, towards the end of January, when nobody yet thought of social distancing, I made another decision to go North. This time round I was more lucky.

The plan was to go to Loiyangalani via Maralal and return by the way of South Horr and Lasamis. Eventually the final destination turned out to be North Horr which was well worth a few extra miles.

From Maralal the road has been under construction ever since with very little progress being made over the years. It’s all right when it is dry but when there are rains you will need not only a 4×4 but lots of enthusiasm as well as luck to negotiate 230 kilometres to Loiyangalani in less than a day. Having said that I must add that there is a lot to keep you entertained en route in terms of magnificent views right from the start. They are marred only by unsightly pylons of the power line which will accompany you all the way to Loiyangalani.

The best scenery is awaiting you in South Horr, a green oasis that welcomes you after hours of driving. Here one can rest in the shade of giant acacia trees growing along the riverbed. Yet be ready to evacuate in the event it changes into a roaring torrent after the rains come. However forget lunching at a local very expensive lodge which we were told in no uncertain terms is not a restaurant! So best take a packed lunch and have the food while enjoying the beauty of this remote place.

From South Horr the drive is easy if a bit shaky and in no time we get to see a long line of windmills heralding vicinity of our destination.

At sunset we reach the shore of the Lake Turkana.

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