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Ngurunit my love

It’s very difficult to resist the temptation. The North is inexplicably like a magnet and keeps attracting you regardless whether there are restrictions or not.

The most beautiful place to be encountered during a trip North is a pretty remote village of Ngurunit.

Set among the Ndotto mountains with towering above it Mount Poi it’s an unappreciated gem well worth a five hundred kilometre journey from Nairobi even if the last 70 odd kilometre leg follows what used to be a really good road when it was used for transporting windmills to Loiyangalani. Now, in places, it seems more like a dusty dirt track leading to nowhere and one begins to doubt the signpost at Laisamis saying Ngurunit 72 km.

Yet, if you keep going regardless, and will not get discouraged, and are adventurous enough, the reward is there waiting for you with all its glory among jagged peaks of countless hills, sitting on the banks of the Ngurunit river with its impossibly crystal clear water.

Only a couple of minutes more to get there
And this is it

All along the way, somewhere in the background, one can see mighty Mount Poi looking like a loaf of bread fresh out of the oven.

There are two camps to stay and one of them sits on the river bank and provides probably more in terms of views than the other.

Mt. Poi as seen from one of the campsites

And I’d strongly recommend that a stay a bit longer than most people plan should be taken into consideration and would certainly be worthwhile.